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I am a Structural Engineer with more than twenty years’ experience, specialising in structural design, analysis and working in a special projects environment. I ran the structural engineering department within a major Naval Architecture consultancy for ten years before moving to help a large composite manufacturer become the country’s leading large composite structures company.

I started Argo Engineering Solutions Ltd to offer my experience in design and utilisation of lightweight materials, including composites, aluminium and higher grade steels to the wider market.

I have a wealth of experience communicating at all levels from boardroom to the shop floor. I have successfully run focused design teams for many years.

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I am a Design Engineer at Argo Engineering with over 10 years’ experience working a range of roles specialised around the marine sector. I am typically involved in one off projects which specialise in being ‘different’ and challenging what has gone before. Projects of this nature typically push the engineering or at least the engineering team to the limit.

This has culminated in me working for one of the UK leading super yacht and commercial vessel Naval Architecture consultancies and a composite manufacturer who specialise in designing and building bespoke, large, free standing super yacht masts from advanced materials.

The combination of the companies and projects I have been involved in has given me a strong foundation in engineering, both in the design office and on the shop floor.

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I am a Structural Engineer with more than eighteen years’ experience within the marine industry, and in the construction and aeronautical industries.

I have previously worked in the structural engineering department of a leading naval architecture consultancy working on the structural design and analysis of one off projects.

Working on one off, specialist projects has enabled me to pick up a wealth of experience of structural design using a multitude of materials, including aluminium, composites and high strength steels.

I have gained a wide verity of experience working at design consultancies, ship yards and on the shop floor at composite boat builders, enabling me to look at design solutions from all angles.

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I am a Design Engineer with fifteen years experience in design, engineering and manufacturing. Predominantly working in the marine and offshore sectors.

I have specialised in 3D modelling, Product Data Management (PDM), and visualisation.

I have worked extensively in all areas of the design process from front end concepts through to Design for Manufacture (DFM), detail CAD/CAM design, and Building Information Modelling (BIM).

I have worked on a broad portfolio of projects, from producing large multidisciplinary models of motor yachts and offshore platforms to creating manufacture ready, component detail drawings for complex precision items such as gas turbines.

Within the Architectural and Infrastructure sectors I have worked as a BIM Engineer creating intelligent models for coordinating the build of bespoke projects.

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I am a Chartered Mechanical Engineer at Argo Engineering with over 10 years’ experience, working in the marine and petrochemical engineering sectors. I have been involved in both one-off projects, and developing and optimising standard ‘off the shelf’ designs, both of which challenge the norms of understanding.

Having experienced projects from both a design and manufacturing aspect, that test the limits of design codes, using first principles approach in tandem with detailed FE analysis and physical testing. I have an understanding of how to ensure that an engineering design and concept can be successively implemented.

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I am a Design Engineer at Argo Engineering and this is my first full time role since graduating from Newcastle University.

My MEng in Marine Technology specialised in Small Craft Technology and I am enjoying putting into practice the theory I learned at University. I am quickly building on skills I started to develop through University projects which included the concept design of a sailing yacht and the research and concept design of an all-electric tug.

I have had previous work experience involving lifting calculations, structural assessment of vessels using ISO standards and stability calculations.

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I have worked for many years on a huge variety of composite projects, as well as for leading yacht manufacturers in the UK developing carbon fibre masts and building lightweight racing yachts.  I have over 25 years’ experience in composite manufacture and combine superb craftsmanship with a great understanding of technical issues.  I have also been responsible for the smooth running of the CNC machines and am a qualified boatbuilder/shipwright.

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I am the Office Manager at Argo Engineering.  I am a languages graduate with over 20 years’ experience in a Business Operations environment with majority of this time spent as a Financial Analyst for IBM.

My career has also included project roles at IBM, from working on finance for the graduate scheme to software testing at an air traffic control centre.  I also have experience in marketing, sales and social media for business, established at a marine based meteorological equipment manufacturer.

My experience working in a secondary school also gave me experience in Health & Safety and Risk Management as well as gaining a whole host of business administration skills.

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