Engineering for Weight Critical Marine Structures in Composites and Metals

Argo Engineering Solutions

Argo Engineering Solutions Ltd is a small engineering consultancy on the edge of the New Forest, close to Southampton and the Solent. We specialise in lightweight structures in composites, aluminium and high strength steels and unusually we are fully material agnostic.  We have the skills to offer structural engineering packages in the most appropriate materials and have no affiliations to any materials suppliers.

We have a broad range of experience and pride ourselves in the delivery of buildable, practical structural solutions. Our focus is on the marine industry (commercial vessels, marine structures and yachts) with complementary skills where this industry overlaps with the subsea, renewables, defence and oil & gas markets.

We can bring our knowledge into multi-disciplinary teams and help to make projects a success. We are happy to provide initial feasibility studies, design of individual components or whole structures.  We can undertake design assessments, rigorous structural analysis (using a suite of the latest tools) or owner’s representative / on-going support roles.

Engineering Solutions


Advanced Structures

Argo Engineering specialise in the design of weight critical, robust structures. If engaged early in design, we can use our understanding, geometry and advanced materials (composites, plastics and metallic materials) to resist loads.  We pride ourselves on buildable solutions that bring our engineering and workshop experience to the design process.



Argo Engineering can offer design/supply of prototypes and small batch runs for marine projects utilising our in-house capabilities and our extensive network of suppliers. Unusually, we are material agnostic and use the most appropriate materials for the project.

High Speed Light Craft

Highspeed Light Craft

Argo Engineering have an enviable reputation for the design of highspeed, light craft.  Our team have design, operations, trials and failure investigation skills as well as the tools to measure real forces and accelerations. These allow us to properly optimise all light craft.



Argo Engineering staff have extensive design and build experience in the super sailing sector and bring this to the Windship industry. Our understanding of aerodynamics, structures and a variety of materials allows us to integrate wind propulsion into new vessels and legacy fleets.

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