Is this the future of renewable energy shipping?


We all want to live in a future where we can do more, be more and not harm our planet.  As Engineers we hope that new technologies can remove the barriers to living in this better world where we can all eat, drive and fly without guilt.


renewable energy shipping


How will the next breakthrough happen? Where do the new ideas come from?  Are companies too scared to pursue truly disruptive technologies?

At Argo we think that it is important to consider some of our more wild ideas as, without these, the ‘more realistic’ ones will never get built.

When we had Joe, a work experience student in for a week, we asked him to look at alternative shipping methods for ISO containers that met the aims of the IMO targets (reduce carbon emissions to 40% of their 2008 levels by 2050). Joe developed a basic, outline design for an autonomous, sailing, hydrocarbon free, single 40ft ISO container delivery boat.  The vessel uses a steel hull and is driven by a simplified version of the Dynarig.

Is the idea right out there in the leftfield or is this what the mainstream will look like if we pursue bold ideas and hold on to the ambition to live in a better world enabled by technology?


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