Argo Engineering Solutions Ltd recently sponsored the International Mini40 regatta at Warpole Lake in Gosport.

The event took place over the weekend of the 7-8th of April and was subjected to a huge range of weather condition.  Winds varied in direction and speed from 20 knots to barely a zepher.  Unfortunately the light winds over Sunday lunchtime (and the rain) caused the racing to be abandoned for the afternoon.  This gave many skippers the opportunity to return to the workshop in the quest for more speed!  These 1.2m RC multihulls are full of innovation, show that both catamarans and trimarans can be competitive and demonstrate the lightest possible composite materials build techniques.

Congratulations to John Stone for his debut 3rd place, Michael Scharmer of Germany for his 2nd place and Mike Cook of Aardvark Racing for taking 1st place and winning the inaugural Argo Cup.


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